About Us

EMC Instytut Medyczny S.A. (www.emc-sa.pl) has been setting medical care standards in Poland for the past six years.

 In this time we have provided over a million medical and nursing consultations using the most effective, internationally recognised methods of diagnosis and treatment. In 2006 our hospital in Wrocław took first place in the ranking of private hospitals organised by the Rzeczpospolita daily newspaper. This proves that our services are both professional and patient-friendly.

We have always provided patients with professional care at our hospitals and outpatient clinics in Poland. Now we will also offer our services in Ireland; here, in Dublin, we have decided to open our first outpatient clinic outside of Poland.

We take care of our patients as we would family, using the most modern diagnostic methods, and our doctors are experienced and well-educated professionals. Why not visit our clinic and experience this for yourself?

Associate Professor Jarosław Leszczyszyn, MD, Ph.D.
Head of the medical team at EMC Health Care