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In the past several years there has been a drastic increase in the number of diagnosed cases of diabetes. Despite this, it is believed that some 50% of patients requiring treatment are still unaware of their illness. In both forms of diabetes - Type 1, affecting mostly children and the young, and Type 2, affecting adults - successful treatment depends on education of the patient. In the case of Type 2, or adult, diabetes the start of an appropriate dietary treatment leads to a lower body mass, which often makes it possible to reduce doses of a medicine taken or discontinue the medicine’s use.

Untreated or insufficiently treated diabetes leads to the damage of many internal organs, including the heart and kidneys, as well as to eyesight (diabetes is one of the main causes of blindness in developed countries) and the nervous system. In the latter case, the so-called diabetic neuropathy can result in the formation of difficult-to-treat skin changes, and, coupled with the damage of small blood vessels, can lead to the diabetic foot with all of its attendant consequences – in extreme cases including amputation.

Treatment of each case of diabetes must include insulin. This start to therapy depends on the type of diabetes suffered; with Type 2 diabetes it depends to a large extent on the patient: a patient who cooperates and follows the doctor’s orders can be treated with pills for many years. However, a patient not taking the medicine and not observing the prescribed diet will quickly develop complications and the pills will lose their effectiveness.

Our facilities use methods of diagnosis and treatment of diabetes that are compatible with the latest recommendations of European scientific societies. In the course of treatment we deal with each patient in a highly comprehensive way; we do not limit the treatment to the diabetes itself, but also actively deal with its complications and coexisting problems, e.g. raised cholesterol and/or triglyceride levels. Dealing with the disease as manifested in each patient individually, we are able to react rapidly to the particular changes taking place in the patient’s body and implement the appropriate procedure as ordered by the supervising doctor. In difficult or complicated cases we consult diabetes specialists at our Polish facilities.


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