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Haemorrhoids – proctology

Most patients who develop pain or nodules in the anus, constipation, itching or bleeding believe they suffer from haemorrhoids. Unfortunately, such symptoms can occur in the majority of diseases of the anus and the rectum, including the most dangerous, tumours.

The only appropriate course of action is to visit a doctor dealing with proctology and carry out a simple examination, whether anoscopy, which is an examination of the anus and the rectum using a small speculum called an anoscope, or flexible sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy, these being examination using a camera and optical fibre of the whole or part of the large intestine. Nearly all diseases of the anus and rectum can be quickly and effectively treated without a hospital visit.

Prof. Leszczyszyn, who sees patients at EMC Health Care, has 20 years of experience in proctology, endoscopy and the treatment of haemorrhoids by purely non-operative methods.

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