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Facial Rejuvenation

Past the age of 30, facial skin, especially on the forehead and around the eyes, loses its natural tension, while the muscles below do not. This gives rise to so-called ‘expression lines’. Over time these can deepen and the face acquire an older appearance. Some lines, such as the vertical wrinkles on the forehead, in the continuation of the nose, give the face a threatening look.

For a number of years now doctors have been using the simple procedure of ‘facial rejuvenation’, in which a very thin needle is used to inject (a natural muscle relaxant) at several points under the skin. After a few days the skin begins to smooth out, the face taking on a younger appearance. This rejuvenating effect persists for many months, after which the procedure may be repeated.

This rejuvenation procedure takes about 40 minutes. Why not visit us for a short while?

Facial rejuvenation is conducted by Prof. Leszczyszyn.

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