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Skin, hair and nail diseases

Skin diseases are characterised by a great diversification of pathological changes: in this group we come across, among others, viral diseases, liver diseases, alimentary tract diseases and allergies. Nail and hair diseases will constitute a large group. Among those medical problems lowering the quality of life of a patient there are unfortunately more dangerous diseases which can affect the entire body. The attention of a doctor and appropriate diagnostic procedures allow rapid detection of a potential threat, a malignant melanoma for instance.

Drawing on our extensive expertise and a wide range of diagnostic measures, we treat infectious skin diseases and conduct differential diagnosis of various rashes and skin changes. Beyond treatment with appropriate pharmaceuticals, our fully equipped treatment room allows us to conduct such medical procedures as the removal of skin changes, whether birthmarks or warts, together with their histopathological examination, as well as the treatment of the nail plate, whether for post-traumatic changes or ingrowing nails.

The procedures for maintenance of a clean environment implemented at our clinics, analogous to those used at our Polish hospitals, allow the risk of infections and complications following treatment to be minimised.

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